Rose Gold sneakers designed by me in collaboration with Shoes of Prey


Hello lovelies!

I haven't posted anything in months! Motherhood is a real roller coaster and you definitely need time to adjust. However, I am back and I am ready to spend more time writing new posts for my blog.

I am so excited about my collaboration with Shoes of Prey . 
They’re just a super cool company doing innovative things, so I couldn’t help but want to share with you. This is one of my favorite collaborations ever because I had a chance to design my own sneakers. Designing your own shoes sounds simple, it is actually fairly difficult and time consuming. However, final results are amazing!

Shoes of Prey allows everyone to customize their own shoes for a reasonable price and it’s one of the reasons I’ve really been wanting to write this post. 
They offer you variety of styles, which can be customized from colors and materials to heel height and shape. I ended up spending hours and hours, designing my ideal sneakers from shiny leather, silk, lace, prints and hundreds of options.
Once you start clicking around and playing with the colors and materials you may find yourself with about 3 designs saved like I did.

How did I come up with this design? I knew I wanted a rose gold sneakers! And it looks exactly like how it is on the website when I designed it.

Materials that I used for my sneakers:

  • blush nude silk (front panel)
  • rose gold leather (back panel)
  • blush nude leather (pull tab)
  • matte gold eyelet
Price can vary from $100 to $300 depending on the material you choose + you have 365 day return or remake. One more reason why I don't have any complaints about the Shoes of Prey.

And the packaging is absolutely amazing!

I love when people pay attention to details. The package is such a lovely touch for a pair of sneakers that were already worth the money, maybe even more.
Everything was perfectly packed, engraved quotes, shoes bag and high quality box. 
(see pictures bellow).

I highly recommend Shoes of Prey and if you decide to design your own shoes, you can use AIDABEL code for a free custom inscription (valued at 55EUR).

Let me know in the comments what do you think about my sneakers!


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